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Dhemaji is well known for its Etnic Clothings and Appreals. So we bring to you a collection of various ethnic wears as Mekhela Sador, Gamusa, Mibugalu etc from various vendors and SHGs. Choose from an extended range of collection 

Mekhela Sador


Mibugalu is a traditional Missing waistcoat. It is worn by men on occasion as ali-ai-ligang and other festivities.  It usually features pattern or flowery design on the back and a open front with string in place of buttons. It is usually worn on top of t-shirts or such clothings.

The Gamosa is an article of significance for the indigenous people of Assam, India. It is generally a white rectangular piece of cloth with primarily a red border on three sides and red woven motifs on the fourth (in addition to red, other colors are also used). Although cotton yarn is the most common material for making/weaving gamosas, there are special occasion ones made from Pat silk.

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