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DEEPTI ( Development of Dhemaji Through Entrepreneurship And E-Commerce Promoting Technological Intervention), an initiative by District Administration Dhemaji in collaboration with National Urban Livelihood Mission, Dhemaji seeks to leverage the advantages which giant leaps in technology and staggering proliferation of internet has ushered in with the purpose of providing a viable virtual platform for the local artisans, entrepreneurs , SHGs, small and independent businesses of Dhemaji district. The need for this platform has been acutely felt due to the erosion of livelihood and opportunities of business which the outbreak of corona viruse pandemic has caused. With the launch of this initiative , it is expected that the local economy of Dhemaji will receive a  much needed momentum by ensuring market for the local products and services and at the same time providing meaningful job opportunities to the skilled labor force of the district. I congratulate team DEEPTI  for their endeavor and urge the people of Dhemaji to embrace DEEPTI and be a part of this team in ensuring the sustainability of this project.

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DEEPTI A आत्मनिर्भर भारत INITIATIVE

Self-sufficiency , For Small Businesses and Services at Dhemaji

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A Dhemaji District Administration Initiative

In the post-COVID grand reconstruction phase, India has an option
to offer many non-conventional human-centric development
perspectives to the world and it seems that it has started walking in
that direction. The aim to make Indian self-reliant/Atmanirbhar was
outlined by the Prime Minister while announcing that his
government will help the Indian economy get back on its feet is
based on the five pillars, which as shared by PM Modi are:
Economy, Infrastructure, System or Technology-driven systems,
Demographic dividend, and Demand.
DEEPTI’s approach to development – the Journey to Self-Reliance –
focuses the collective efforts on building the capacity and
commitment of local businesses to lead their own development,
taking into consideration the Technology-driven aspect of
Atmanirbhar Bharat. Recalling the fightback spirit in the corona
battling world is crucial and when the country of 1.3 billion people
takes the courageous call of Self Reliance that boosts the morale of
other aspiring nations too
Corona crisis has forced every country to re-evaluate its current
dependency and to make fair calculations about their local potential.
The responsibility to overcome this BIG pause, which disturbed the
trajectory of the global growth, lies equally to every nation’s
shoulder and India being the largest democracy of the world,
consider the weight of this responsibility more sincerely than others.
India’s success in the self-reliance push, in this crucial moment of
history and its experiences of this phase, can provide a template of
response for the future economic challenges.
With foundation of a Self-Reliant India everyone’s expectations has
brought new energy in the entire business community, and the spirit
of small businesses and the MSME sector has recharged again.